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Winning EU funding is an extremely competitive process. While an outstanding project is an absolute must, the skills to successfully transmit your idea to both Expert Evaluators and Jury Members and knowledge of the EU policy context are equally important.


We offer high-quality, customized project application services to help clients seize new EU funding opportunities in the framework of EIC Accelerator and turn innovative ideas into game-changing innovation projects.


We stress the business opportunity, using a clear business-oriented go-to-market approach, to highlight your value creation.


We enhance your innovation and the uniqueness of your approach compared to other state-of-the-art technologies, by focusing on the requirements of your end-users and key stakeholders, as well as on the disruptive capacity of your solution.


We foster the operational capacity of your innovation project, by enhancing synergies between team members, partners, and project management procedures.


Improve your content on the AI platform.


We can support you in reviewing your project itself, in the way that it meets call requirements and most importantly, the fine points that the European Commission typically looks for during project evaluation.


We are sharing our direct experience with successful and unsuccessful proposals under Calls 2014-2020 and providing tips and recommendations on how to write best the Project, putting special emphasis on a winning Go2Market section.


Join us and get a practical insight into developing competitive EIC Accelerator projects, with an excellent Go2Market approach.


Are you ready to submit a competitive project proposal under EIC Accelerator?


How to reach the Expert Evaluator?

Keyboard and Mouse

Workshop EIC Accelerator

Running in Nature

Project Pitch

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Interview Simulation

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