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Has your EU proposal been awarded for funding? Are you searching for the right project management skills? Outsource all the administrative and financial management tasks to us, while you concentrate on project implementation!


We can assist you in all or most of the phases of the project implementation process, focusing on an in-depth understanding and communication of the progress of the project, just as the Expert Evaluator will do during the Project Review.

Project management  is demanding, complex and varied, requiring the juggling of several issues concurrently.  Managing projects successfully therefore requires a mixture of skills to comply with the competing demands for scope, time, cost, risk and quality.


Rely on us to support you with all the administrative burden to ensure that the project includes all the work required to be completed succesfully, ensuring timely and appropriate project information.


Let us assist you in fulfilling all reporting actions to the European Commission, showing that the project is still relevant -providing the breakthrough potential- and the degree to which the work plan has been carried out, for every Project Review.

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