Congratulations, MindCare!

On behalf of our team who has made it possible, we are happy to congratulate our customer Evidence-Based Behaviour (eb2) for their winning SME Instrument Phase 1 project called "MindCare", for the cut-off of February 2019. MindCare is an intelligent and intuitive eHealth solution, designed by and for patients, healthcare professionals, and caregivers, that addresses the current lack of a real-time heath status monitoring for mental disorder patients. MindCare is a mobile app that passively gathers patient's data using a wearable device, transforms it into interpretable information using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and integrates and displays it into actionable reports for personalized treat

AVANTE Venture Demotech 2019

Interested in having a deeper understanding of the trends and challenges that research, development and innovation activities will be facing in the near future? Visit AVANTE Venture Demotech 2019, a reference space in Extremadura (Spain) in terms of financing for R&D&i projects. Its objective is to help SMEs identify, capture and leverage their available resources to materialize their R&D&I action plan. We will attend the tradeshow next March 28 2019, by participating at the Panel of Experts, to give some insights on how to succesfully prepare a techninal memory. More details to come...! Keen in knowing more? Take a look at AVANTE Venture Demotech 2018

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