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AI-based tool for EIC Accelerator: the rationale behind it.

Horizon's Europe EIC Accelerator 2021 is a brand-new programme compared to its predecessor EIC Accelerator Pilot. And the AI-based tool will make a huge difference throughout the whole project lifecycle.

But how does the AI platform support the EIC Accelerator? The AI tool is ment to reduce the asymetry of information between applicants and evaluators, by providing support in their respective tasks. Indeed, the AI environment should help applicants submit their proposals easily - and evaluators, to better assess the potential disruptiveness of the idea, compared to the state-of-the-art technologies.

And until EIC provides access to the AI platform to submit short applications under EIC Accelerator -which is expected by next April 8th-, you can here download our guide to follow all the process in which the AI platform will be key.


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