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EIC Work Programme 2023 - EIC Accelerator

The European Commission adopted beginning of last December '22 the Work Programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC). It opens funding opportunities worth €1.6 billion in 2023, for projects all along the research, development and innovation cycle.

This year's budget is slightly lower than its predecesor and in any case, it is worth to mention that this Work Programme is the last one to include a financial contribution from the Next Generation EU budget. As a consequence, the annual budget for future EIC Work Programmes will be lower. Nevertheless, EIC's trackrecord is excellent to date, given the impressive figures that have been recently published -see EIC Impact report 2022-.

"The 12 unicorns and 112 centaurs supported, and the over €10 billion investments attracted into European deep tech illustrate the growing impact of the European Innovation Council. Its work programme for 2023 will keep delivering funding for deep tech start-ups, increasing talent flows and improving Europe’s innovation ecosystem." - Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth - 07/12/2022

EIC Accelerator Work Programme 2023 is certainly continuist compared to previous edition; however, there are relevant changes affecting the evaluation and resubmission processes. Should you wish to have a closer look at the main insights of EIC Accelerator Work Programme 2023, feel free to download our guide, that depicts the following items:

  1. Scope of EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator.

  2. EIC Accelerator Open vs EIC Accelerator Challenges.

  3. Main traits of EIC Accelerator: goal, types of funding and beneficiary profiles.

  4. Funding schemes under EIC Accelerator.

  5. EIC Accelerator process flow.

  6. Evaluation in detail.

  7. Resubmissions' scope and limitations.

  8. Fast Track and Plug-in schemes for EIC Accelerator.

  9. Cut-off dates in 2023.


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